Paul Chanin (Chair)

Paul Chanin


Appointed 1997

Paul Chanin is an internationally known mammal ecologist who has been involved in conservation, locally and nationally, since the 1970s. He is best known for his work with otters and for the two books he has written about them. However, he has also carried out or supervised research on several British mammals including badgers, mink, pine marten and red deer as well as more exotic species such as beavers and spider monkeys.

He was a lecturer in Adult Education at Exeter University for 24 years, mainly running natural history courses in Devon and Cornwall as well as study tours in the Scottish Islands and California. Since 1998 he has worked as an independent ecological consultant offering advice on protected species of British mammals such as otters, badgers, water voles and dormice.

He is a life member of the Devon and Cornwall Wildlife Trusts and was actively involved in each of these during the 1970s and 1980s. He is also a member of the British Ecological Society and the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. He was also a member of the Mammal Society for over 40 years.

Paul Chanin believes that his main contribution as a Trustee should be as a professional ecologist with a considerable interest in and knowledge of conservation, combined with a family background in farming and land management.