Sylvia Greinig

Sylvia Greinig

BA (Hons), PGDip, MA

Appointed 1997

Mrs Sylvia Greinig is the Principal of The Abbey School in Torquay. Having actively taught in classrooms for over thirty years she still has her toe in educational waters as a school governor and an inspector of early-years provision. She hopes that her expertise and experience in education supports one of the major elements of the work of Paignton Zoo, that of promoting education.

Sylvia’s early childhood was spent in Ethiopia and Egypt, where she has clear memories of swimming with porpoises and seahorses, and also recollects watching the desert bloom after a very scarce fall of rain. Later, at school in northern Germany, her experiences of botany and sea life plummeted in temperature. Compulsory weekend walks in the winter months round the frozen dykes and bleak coastal sand dunes of Wilhelmshaven included watching the North Sea ice-flows and breaking the ice covered dykes to release those sea birds unlucky enough to rest there.

Sylvia is variously Chairman and Company Secretary for a variety of Property Development and Holding Companies from Bristol to Cornwall.