Beavers on the River Otter

Published: 7 October 2014

Beavers on the River Otter

WWCT has added its voice to the debate about beavers on the River Otter.

The Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust’s Executive Director, Simon Tonge, said: “Our position is quite clear. If they are native beavers - that is, European rather than Canadian beavers – then they should be allowed to stay, even if they were accidentally reintroduced.

“We support Devon Wildlife Trust’s position that the beavers should remain on the River Otter so long as they are free from Echinococcus infection, that they are the correct species, and that it can be demonstrated that there is local public support for them remaining.

“We are backing DWT’s call for a well-planned and resourced programme to be put in place to monitor the beaver's impact on local landscape, wildlife and people.”

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