Visiting researcher information

Visiting researcher information

WWCT accepts visiting researchers of all levels who wish to carry out independent study within the WWCT sites.

If you wish to apply to do research at one of the Trust’s zoos or reserves or if you want to send us a questionnaire or request samples please complete the online application form below.

Before you complete the Visiting Researcher application form we strongly advise that you read the research section of the BIAZA website. The BIAZA Research Committee has provided masses of useful information about undertaking research within zoos and published guidelines on relevant methods. 
Application guidelines:

  • Please allow at least two weeks for us to consider your application.
  • Please be as specific as possible about the dates you will need to visit the zoo/reserve to collect data.
  • It is unlikely that we will accept research applications requiring changes to normal husbandry unless the study is at postgraduate level (at least Masters).
  • We receive a very large number of requests to complete questionnaires and it is impossible to complete them all. To maximise chances of a positive response please keep your questionnaire short and questions specific.
  • Requests for samples should include precise instructions for collecting, storing and transporting samples and the final date after which samples will no longer be required.

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