Provision of UV light in captive primates

The importance of Ultra Violet (UV) light provision for captive reptiles is well documented; appropriate UVA and UVB lighting for various species is behaviourally and physiologically beneficial. However, the effect of UV light provision in other taxa has not received as much attention, possibly due to the difficulty in establishing ‘natural’ requirements. In-situ, many primates inhabit biomes with high levels of UV radiation; therefore, captive habitats should attempt to replicate these UV levels. By testing UV lighting provision in a range of captive primate species, we can provide scientific evidence on the effect of UVA and UVB, leading to recommendations for improved husbandry and enclosure management in the provision of UV lighting.

Project team:

Holly Farmer, Paignton Zoo


Appleby, N., and Baker, K. 2016. Investigating the effects of ultraviolet light levels on captive brown spider monkeys (Ateles hybridus).17th Annual BIAZA Research Conference, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, June 2016.